Anti Bullying Campaign - “We Are the World 2014.”

Anti Bullying Campaign – “We Are the World 2014.”

Sources: Lock Port Journal – By Michael Canfield | Edited By – All Things Michael


MIDDLEPORT — John Wragg knows about the scars left on a victim of bullying, literally.

When Wragg was 14, he decided he’d had enough of the bullying he experienced in school. Unable to talk to anyone about the abuse he suffered regularly at the hands of his peers, one day the English-born boy went home, into the…

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"Michael Jackson visited Harlem and the headquarters of the National Action Network in 2002. I was blessed to have had the opportunity to meet him there and on several other occasions and to have visited Neverland Ranch. He was truly a special individual who blessed us all with his musical talents. He will be missed." [x]

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